In all businesses, quality of output is the top priority. Be it in packaging, branding or marketing materials that we present to clients. Having the right printing partner will help you achieve all of those requirements. More often than not, you may find yourself confused in selecting a partner since there are so many commercial printers in the market that seem to match your printing needs. You might be wondering, how will I choose the one that truly fits my company?  Good question. Here are the five tips that you should take into account when deciding on a commercial printer.

1. Availability of Printing Equipment

One essential factor to look for in a commercial printer is the quality of its printing equipment. You should assess whether the commercial printer has the available equipment needed to supply your requirements and deadlines. There are times that you will need more printed output. If that happens, can they handle it? Can they fulfill large quantity orders in a short period of time? It is good to check and see how many off-set printers they have. Do they have specialized equipment that allows them to print back to back simultaneously? Do they keep up with the latest printing technologies? The latest printing equipment and availability of specialized equipment indicates the capability of the commercial printer to meet the high printing demands of their clients.

2. Company History

Company history should be highly considered when selecting the best commercial printer for your company. The numbers in the years might not always mean that they are better than new commercial printing companies but it might prove something about the quality of their work and expertise in the printing industry. Of course, no one wants to deal with an inexperienced printing supplier that commits errors in proofing. What is the reputation of the commercial printer that you have in mind? Research their past clients and see what they are saying about their company before hiring them.

3. Customer Service

Commercial printers should be very active in the whole printing process. Find a company that promptly responds to your inquiries and problems.  Are their employees willing to go the extra mile to assist you on how you can maximize the quality of your outputs? Remember, your branding depends on the quality of the work provided by your commercial printer. And high quality output is the result of good communication between the seller and customer. Will you choose a supplier that only cares about profit and not your company? Probably not. Check their reviews online and see whether they satisfy their clients or not.

4. Price of the Service

As compared to the other factors, price is usually the main concern of many businesses. It’s normal since business aims to gain more profits every year. High marketing spend from printing marketing materials can reduce the revenue of a company. Despite that, we cannot advise you to just choose the commercial printer that has the lowest price. Value comes with a good price. Thus, we suggest that you find a commercial printer that commits to a high quality of work at a reasonable price. By doing this, you can reduce printing risk and avoid project delay.

5.  Quality of the Output

We know that this is very obvious factor in choosing a commercial printer. Still, we want to give an emphasis to it because quality is sometimes compromised for low price quotation. Before ordering large quantity to one supplier, make sure to ask for a sample first. Assess the overall quality of the printed output including the paper and ink that is used to produce the product. It is also good to see if their available printers match the software that you use for your designs. Can they meet the color requirements of your materials? Some printers have lower color reproduction than others so asking about it will save the quality of your printed outputs.

There is no perfect criteria to use in selecting your printing partner. Your company’s requirement might be different from other companies. Our tips can only serve as a guide to help you choose the commercial printer that meets the needs of your company. Commercial printers will not just be your ordinary supplier but also be your long term partner in business so take the time to research before you decide. Bottom line, an efficient commercial printer can increase your profit and help you grow your company.

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