Print design processes are often so comfortable that we don’t given them a second thought. Designing a new directive is usually the tip of the iceberg when it comes to “what’s next” in rolling out your marketing plan. It feels so good to figure out a concept, but then there’s the daunting task of how to get it ready for all of your channels.

Hopefully your team didn’t spend all their time, energy and focus to reach the FIRST finish line?

You are not alone, as several companies are struggling with their design processes too. We all know it, the endless meetings with different departments and the constant revisions of the layout just to meet the deadlines. And then getting it to the printer is a scramble.

More companies are seeking to streamline their print design process to achieve the best quality for their marketing materials and improve internal efficiency. Simply put, streamlining is the process of aligning design specialists with your internal brand team to have them make your marketing ready for production. It allows for instance a small team of 1-2 internal people to leverage outside teams of professionals to ensure proper rollouts.

Streamlining your print process has other upsides as well:

1.  Streamline allows you to focus on the important things

Time and productivity are the most crucial part of any business. Endless revisions of designs eat up a lot of hours, thus, limiting the number of tasks you accomplish every day. Instead of dedicating your hours to design, streamlining your print design process will allow you to focus on managing aspect of your business.

2.  It reduces printing costs

How often do you check your printing costs? How much do you pay when you repeat your printing process due to a wrong color mode, wrong resolution or art charges for when you ask your printing suppliers to re-edit the design file to correct errors? Believe us, you can avoid those additional fees!  Streamlining services like Made For Print produce print-ready designs with no-hassle to make sure things go smoothly with your printer.

3.  A streamlined print design process reduces print-error

Imagine this. Your team is rushing a design that will be used for your event next week. You submitted the design to your supplier and then all of a sudden, you’ve got a call saying that there have been some problems with your design or the format is not compatible with the printer. Hassle, right?

When you streamline, this issue can be easily resolved.  All your designs will be available in different file formats so you can readily use your design and achieve the best setting for different type of medium and printers. Each element, logo and image, will be saved as individual files in case there’s an unexpected error in the final prototype of the design. The fonts can be embedded in the file so you don’t have to worry about the limited fonts available in the printer.

4. It yields a print-ready design for any size or medium

Few of the reasons for the low-quality print of the design are due to the wrong resolution and color submitted to the printing suppliers. Fixing and matching the resolution and color of the design according to the printer requirements are often ignored by designers.

Generally, resolution (Dots Per Inch) is composed of pixels that make up an image. When designers use the wrong resolution, the resulting image can be blurry or pixelated. Color printing, on the other hand, is something to consider if you want to be sure that the color in the screen of your computer matches the color of the final printed output. Having a design specialist to alter the resolution and choose the right color mode for all your mediums yields to perfect print output.

There’s no denying that having a good quality print design plays an important part in growing your company since it represents the brand and identity of every business. The consistency of your designs helps you engage with your clients and indirectly boost your overall profits. And print-ready designed materials can avoid costly corrections and meet your desired deadlines. Connect with Made For Print today to see how we can help you streamline your print process.

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