Experts claim that 90 percent of all purchasing decisions are not made consciously which means consumers are selecting products that provoke some kind of emotion, need or desire. And while great content goes a long way for your sales what lures your target audience to the content are the photos and visuals that help tell the story.

Hiring professional photographers for your marketing needs can be extremely costly and most often, not in the budget. Lucky for you there are millions of stock photos available in the market that you can use for all of your marketing needs.

But with so many photos available, how will you choose the one that best represents your brand and content? Since stock photos are ready-made images, a lot of the images look generic or cliché which is exactly the opposite of what you want when trying to capture a potential customer’s attention. That’s why we’d like to share a few quick tips to consider when choosing images for your marketing projects.

1.Plan your Visual

Have you ever needed a photo, jumped on a site and before you knew it, hours had gone by and you were nowhere closer to finding that one perfect image you needed? Yep, we’ve all been there. So let’s first start with always having a target visual in mind.  Trust me it will save you hours of time and your sanity! Decide if you will use vectors or photographs. Do you want a group of models or just one model to represent your brand? What colors and shades should be present in the picture? Planning the details of the image allows you to think of the best concept and knowing the keywords for your photo search will help narrow down the selection.

2. Aim to Engage

Your photo should pull your audience into your design. Think about your product or service from your audience’s perspective – if you start from here you should be able to choose engaging photographs fairly easily. Take a second to look at the tennis shoe photos below from the consumers point of view. Which ones does a phenomenal job of provoking emotion?


That is exactly what you should be aiming to do each time you select a visual.

3. Avoid Generic and Overly-Designed Photos

The image that you will use for your marketing materials should reflect the interest of your target audience. One common mistake companies make is selecting generic photos that are difficult to relate to or are too unrealistic for the content. A good relevant image should look natural so be cautious of the color and the elements in the photo.

Free Stock Photo Websites

Here are our favorite stock photo websites that you can enjoy. Majority of the photos on these sites are under Creative Commons (CC) license which means that you can use and edit the photos for commercial purposes without paying royalties to photographers.

Pixabay –

Stokpic –

StockSnap –


Picjumbo –

Unsplash –


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