Many people tend to get anxious about outsourcing. Who wouldn’t? You have to do business with people you don’t know.  We understand that there’s a certain level of uncomfortableness that comes with it. And even though it’s been around for the past few decades it’s still considered a new trend in the business world.

But for those companies that have chosen to take advantage of using outside vendors they have gone on to enjoy great success and profitability. Perhaps the first benefit many people think about when they hear the word outsourcing is that it saves money. This is definitely true. Saving money is undoubtedly a motivator to outsourcing your graphic design needs. However, there are more benefits than simply saving money that we think are really smart and wanted to share with you.


1. Gain access to specialized design services

Companies can now outsource projects such as website design, mockups and renderings, or 3D design that require specialized design skills. Bringing on an expert can also enhance your marketing team’s capabilities, improve their creative output and even educate them on different design processes so that they can then perform the task in the future.

2. Levels the playing field

Small businesses have traditionally had a difficult time competing against the larger companies with more capital. Now that small businesses can hire incredible talent on contract and at reasonable prices, they can compete more easily with the larger companies in their industry. Talent has never been more accessible.

3. Increases efficiency

Global Workplace Analytics reports that people who work remotely are more efficient and have a higher level of productivity than their onsite counterparts. Larger businesses, such as Best Buy, report remote employees are 35 to 40 percent more efficient. In fact, over two thirds of businesses report that employees that work remotely are more productive. Think about it. Most designers will charge per project so the more efficient they are, they more money they make. It’s a win win situation for both of you!

The bottom line is that outsourcing your graphic design work (and overall marketing) to a team of experts is a great option when time is a constraint, or the scope is beyond your teams skill set, or whether you simply want a fresh point of view. Don’t fear it. Embrace it.

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