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Here’s Looking at You, Lookbook

It’s 2017, so it’s no surprise that the fashion industry has fully embraced the “digital” world. Ecommerce websites are now the norm while digital catalogs and shoppable lookbooks play a significant role in generating revenue for fashion labels. However, the majority of fashion designers agree that viewing a piece of clothing on your phone or computer […]

Pop-up Shops: Retailers Latest Craze!

Pop-up Shops! Everyone seems excited with the latest craze. Major brick and mortar retailers and brands are using pop-up shops across the globe to offer a more intimate brand experience for their customers. But why are they so eager to fund this new marketing fad? 1. Pop-up Shops Increase Brand Awareness It’s hard to stand […]

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Renderings: Why They Enhance Product Development

Let’s face it, product innovation demands a lot of time, effort and attention. Thankfully, new advancements in rendering tech have made the product development process a lot less tedious. Many successful companies are using rendering software to create lifelike photos and realistic images. These renderings capture the basic mechanical or aesthetic idea long before the product goes […]

Rebranding: 4 Indicators That it’s Time

If you’re thinking it may be time to rebrand your business,  then chances are, you’re probably right. But there are also certain indicators that will help you identify whether rebranding could help your company increase its growth potential as well as avoid costly consequences in this ever-changing competitive landscape. 1. When Your Brand is Doing […]

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What’s Your Type?

Words are powerful. What we say and HOW we say them have a major impact on our audience’s response. In the world of Print Design, font, color and weight make impressions on how people read, comprehend and judge that content. Research shows that a great layout with a well chosen typeface allows readers to easily understand […]


Vendors: 6 Tips on How to Talk to Them

Have you ever experienced a situation where your vendor didn’t deliver the expected output? Frustrating and time-wasting, wasn’t it? The problems associated with miscommunication with your vendor causes delays in your projects. Which in turn leads to unplanned increases in the annual marketing spend of your company. Proper communication can help you grow your business in […]