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Pixel Wilderness: Master Builders of Web Applications and WordPress Websites

Looking for an amazing digital partner? Work with Pixel Wilderness. Pixel Wilderness is the other side of our business, making web applications & wordpress websites, serving all industries and specializing in real estate, construction and architecture clients. They’re obsessed with solving their clients’ problems. From unlocking a new revenue stream to solving the bug that no one else can […]

Common Problems in Print Design Output

After days, weeks, or months of working on a print design you’ve got a finalized output file and are all set for your commercial printer. Wait! Before rushing off, make sure you know the common problems encountered after printing a design and understand how to avoid them! Common Print Design Errors: 1. Fonts did not […]

Why You Should Streamline Your Print Design Process

Print design processes are often so comfortable that we don’t given them a second thought. Designing a new directive is usually the tip of the iceberg when it comes to “what’s next” in rolling out your marketing plan. It feels so good to figure out a concept, but then there’s the daunting task of how to […]